TV personality Rozanne McKenzie’s 3 keys to becoming successful

Rozanne McKenzie is a popular South African actress, singer and TV personality among others

The Cape Town born and bred OAP who worked as an undergraduate presenter and newsreader on UCT Radio which prepared her for a field reporter role at kykNET magazine shows “Kwela.

Her passion for performing arts led her to obtaining honors in Drama from the University of Cape Town in 2003 and has since maintained a steady rise in the media industry.

She has featured in a number of television series including Madam & Eve, Interrogation Room, Noah’s Ark amongst others. She also appeared in the featured films Fugue and Freedom Day.

As a dancer, Rozanne has appeared in stage productions such as Crease, King Lear, Miss Rock, The Great Gatsby, More Rooms to mention just a few.

She was the main character in the music video of popular group Greshlyground’s song “I Like”

In 2012, she became one of the six original presenters of the kykNET breakfast programme Dagbreek.

1. Be professional

That includes being on time and taking notes from the people around you. Be prepared and do your research. Don’t just think it’s fun and games – a lot of people think that this industry is just about the glitz, glam and fun times. But it’s actually a lot of work.

2. Have a thick skin

You’re going to have a lot of people say no more times than they will say yes. You have to have a thick skin and persevere. Have the attitude of the “no” being one step closer to that “yes” you’re going to get down the line.

3. Enjoy yourself

It’s a job, but if this is where you’ve wanted to be, it’s most likely that you’ve wanted it your entire life so don’t take it for granted.